Mechanical Licenses

A mechanical license is a license for the reproduction of a musical composition, and mechanical royalties must be paid every time a song embodying a musical composition is copied or sold.  The mechanical rate is usually set by statute or regulation, and varies from country to country and for different types of use (mechanical rates for live streaming, for example, are typically much lower).

Sync Licenses

A synchronization license (or “sync” license for short) is a license to use a musical composition along with moving images – films, television shows, advertisements, video games, etc.  There are a number of variables: territory, nature and kind of use (background, etc.), etc., and the sync fees will vary accordingly.

Master Use Licenses

A master use license is required for any copying, performance or distribution of a sound recording – if you want to use a particular recording of a musical composition in a film, for example, you will need to obtain both a sync license and a master use license.  Like a sync license, there are many variables, and the license fees will vary accordingly.

Zincbeats controls mechanical, performance and sync licensing rights for KGN SIX writers.

In some cases, Zincbeats is also able to issue master use licenses as well.

If you are interested in obtaining a license to use a musical composition or master from Zincbeats or KGN SIX, please contact us at zincbeats at zincbeats dot com.